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FarmersBlog June 1st 2017 - Winter Has Come

Hello World!

Well I have been under a digital rock. But I am crawling out of my winter hibernation to throw out a huge thank you to all of you wonderful and food aware shoppers for supporting Somerset Heritage Produce again season. I feel like our produce and reached another level and have had lots of good feedback as well. A lot of vegetables have come out of the farm since my last post in November and we are still busily picking and planting and organising for the season ahead.

Chloe is rocking out Woodend Farmers Market this weekend and we will have lots of yummies for you to get your hands.

Thanks once again

Farmer Robbie

Back in the garden groove

Spring TIme! Summer fast approaching...ahhhhh

Well yes it's quite exiting that summer is just around the corner and we all get to eat 'real' Tomatoes and yummie's summer vegetables!

The garden has been producing with beautifully radiant abundance. And yes the weather has been cooler this year than last and we all have to wait a little bit longer for our favourite summer goodies so now is a good time to do a 30 day fast hehe ok well maybe a 3 day fast. 

It's been great having 2 f(Seymour, Keilor) farms in different parts of the state to grow in and this has increased my Somersets range of produce over larger parts of the season.  


FarmersBlog - INTO October Eeek - 13/10/2015

To Bee or not to Bee - THAT IS THE QUESTION!

As you can see the Borage blossoms are out and if you get hay fever instead of smelling them you can always give them a kiss;) Asparagus, Broadbeans and almost sugar snap peas.

So I know it has been a long time. Yes i am sorry. But it's ok cos I'm back. Spent a wee bit of time on farmer break far away in another land where the fruit hang from the trees and there is no need to worry except for them dropping on your head@#$ ouch!

The garden is going gang busters. Planting at every opportunity, zuccini, eggplant, tomatoes capcicum, basil and the list goes on and on. It's super exiting time but also trying with the early hot weather and harsh hot winds bringing us a stark reminder of how much we rely on out earth to be in balance and with the ease that it can take everything we have and turn it upside down.

For our customers at Flemington we will be back soon and yes we have asparagus. At Hawthorn and Fairfeild this weekend. The Friday shop has been great but a bit quite the last few weeks oh where did everybody go?

So much going on. Big thanks to all our customers, volunteers, staff and the garden for giving so much and enjoying being part of a great farm that holds it's head high being apart of great communities around the state.

Boc Choi and Parsley (farewell and goodnight in Gardenish)





Farmersblog - Awake summer! January 5th - 2015.

Hi Folks

So summery up here in Seymour and the garden is humming along nicely. All the work sweat and tears we have put in over the last 4 months are starting to come into fruition. The tomatoes are looking dappa with new tasty varieties such as red Zebra, purple top and blueberry setting the scene for a truly special tomato experience. 

Thanks to our customers at Woodend for coming out and the the Macedon ranges sustainability group for the beautiful barbequed sweet corn that we supplied. Great to see the little ones chowing down on a stick of bi colour corn.

So now the really hard work starts as we harvest summer crops and prepare for the Autumn crops. Luckily the days are long and the river is right next door to offer cool relief to the farmers at Somerset Heritage Produce.

Thanks to all those who helped on the farm this year and to our customers who are what makes doing this business worthwhile.

Flemington next Sunday with a super range of produce!

Chow for now

Robbie K